The Concept of Ego-sphere and the Tragedy of Being Wealthy

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The Concept of Ego-sphere and the Tragedy of Being Wealthy[1][2][3]

I embrace the Gnostic interpretation that the human ego corresponds with the animal mind, which may be regarded as an evolutionary carry-over from an animalistic past.[4] Hence by virtue of its naturality, it is then justifiable to infer that the ego’s functions lie in the sustenance (nurture and protection) of the animalistic (materialistic) requirements and habits of its host.

The difference between the animal mind (ego) and the human mind is that in the former case it is presumed that we are all separate or disconnected beings. With respect to the safety and wellbeing of one’s own being, other beings tend to either be considered potential threats or potential preys. As such, this is why the animal mind acts out selfish behavior aimed at serving the interests of one’s own being above the interests of all other beings.


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