8 Unbelievably Strange Norwegian Words With Meanings Foreigners Cannot Guess

He he realy funny.

A Frog in the Fjord

morkake3 MORKAKE – Copyright Tori Lind Kjellstad @Hyggelig drittsekk

“Why don’t you learn Chinese or Spanish, or any other language spoken by more than a few sheep and 5 million people” asked my parents while I was learning Norwegian.

My answer is always that Norwegian is a fantastic and very funny language. Some of the words the Norwegian language has created requires either a lot of imagination or high doses of hallucinative drugs to be understood. Here are 8 few words which puzzled me for hours, days, sometimes weeks. Good luck! and enjoy the beauty and creativity of Norwegian language.

1. The Mother’s Cake


I was at a dinner with girlfriends when one started talking about her mother’s cake. Then came up a discussion I was completely comfortable with: what to do with your mother’s cake. Some froze it, some threw it away.
“What do you guys do in France…

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