Liberated Palmyra: a photo essay by Prof. Tim Anderson

In Gaza

12472707_10208046564014844_4968446024282671063_n“Palmyra’s citadel. The Syrian Army and Russian air power made great efforts to avoid historic sites, but the citadel did suffer some damage in the fierce fighting,, as DAESH tried to seize that higher ground.” -Professor Tim Anderson

April 16, 2016, Professor Tim Anderson

[see: Why Palmyra, Recently Liberated, Is a Historical Treasure]

12990928_10208046562054795_1776765539897410600_n“We were one of several busloads of journalists and writers who got a Syrian Army escort to Palmyra (Tadmur) in the past ten days, our trip was on 14 April 2016.”

12990940_10208046562094796_5853288561033720953_nOur army escort.

12985489_10208046562014794_2349351853781686511_n“Soldier and tank, on the road between Homs city and Palmyra.”

11219026_10208046562814814_2829561625520571345_nOne of many destroyed vehicles on the western side of Palmyra. DAESH would send suicide bombers to the army posts, in vehicles packed with furniture, refrigerators etc, to pretend they were fleeing civilians.

13015508_10208046562774813_3782872706212248816_nMountains 20km north of Palmyra, where ISIS/DAESH are still hiding.”


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