Monsanto – most Evil Company of the Year


SumOfUs members voted Monsanto the Most Evil Company of the Year; not surprising when you consider how it does business.

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This award is well deserved – this year alone, Monsanto sued a tiny U.S. state for daring to label GMOs, and terrorized Guatemalan farmers because they were saving seeds to plant on their own. And as usual, Monsanto continues to use its massive profits to fund an army of lobbyists, corrupting democratic processes all over the world.

Now, Monsanto is facing a new obstacle – but this time, from its own shareholders.

A group of SumOfUs members submitted a shareholder resolution demanding change. They want to make Monsanto’s CEO accountable to an independent chair of the board of directors, hopefully preventing even more disastrous decisions without accountability.

Shareholders have just a few days to vote on the proposal in the lead-up to Monsanto’s annual meeting, and the company is throwing…

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